Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 29, 2017How did you find out you were the side piece in your relationship?; One listener wants to turn her spring fling into a really thing!; Hot wax is the new bedroom trend!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 28, 2017Millennials consider hitting adulthood at the age of 30; Nina's mom told her to act more like a lady; What secret are you hiding from your significant other? -- PLUS more on today's Shoboy Show!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 27, 2017Did Shoboy and his wife become swingers? Is United Airlines banning girls from wearing leggings on a flight? Oh, and if you go 24-hours without sleep, you're considered drunk! ~Shoboy in the Morning
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 24, 2017Happy Friday Familia! What are your plans this weekend? Nina is headed to Baltimore to party with her family, Shoboy has a ‘date' with another couple he and his wife met while out and about with Baby Ariela, Majestik has friends in town...
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 23, 2017Is it right for your partner to get relationship advice from their ex? What emoji is missing from your life that needs to exist right now?
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 22, 2017NYC has a place for you to let out your frustration and smash things with bat and Nina and Producer Kristen were so excited they were ready to leave the show! Shaq admits he KNOWS the Earth is flat. PLUS we (try to) clear the air between listeners AND send one guy on a 'Jealousy Trip'!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 21, 2017Did you know that 65% of Google is used for spell check?! We broke down all the abbreviations we use like “totes” for “totally” and “obvi” for “obviously” and we also admitted what we would do if we won $500,000 at the age of 19!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 20, 2017It’s not only the first day of Spring, but Nina is celebrating Persian New Year as well! To celebrate, she stayed home all weekend and turned into Martha Stewart with all the cooking she did. Did you live up to your weekend expectations?
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 17, 2017Happy St. Patrick’s Day! How will you be celebrating this weekend? Do you think you’ll live up to your expectations? Nina already bailed on Producer Kristen...
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 16, 2017Remember when Producer Kristen and DJ Majestik talked about falling asleep on their partners before actually getting it on? Well, Shoboy’s barber seems to have the same problem...
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 15, 2017Happy Hump Day, Familia! Did you survive Winter Storm Stella?! Or did you have a complete blizzard fail like DJ Majestik who almost burned his apartment down and didn’t realize it until his roommate told him he smelled smoke!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights - March 14, 2017The blizzard is here! If you were even up to hear our show this morning, what were you doing? We wanted to hear from you to know why you were even awake!

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