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Demi Lovato is ‘Cool For The Summer’ And Possibly Ready For Marriage

Demi Lovato stopped by to chat with Shoboy and Nina about the release of her new song “Cool For The Summer,” her relationship with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, her status in Iggy Azalea’s wedding, and a special surprise from Shoboy In The Morning.


"I swear to god Mike, DO NOT try the lift!" (

Man Tears Knee Trying To Do ‘Dirty Dancing’ Lift At Wedding

He should have called in his stunt double for this one…


Exes Ask Each Other Questions While Hooked Up To a Lie Detector

Imagine being hooked up to a lie detector while your EX asks you a slew of questions. That’s what this video from Elite Daily is all about.



What Do You STILL Refuse To Do In Front Of Your Significant Other?

If you’re CONSTANTLY with someone, guess what? You’re gonna get gas sometimes…


80% of Women Tell a Lie Every Single Day, Versus 40% of Men

I’m not sure how valid this survey is. When you’re asking people to be honest about how much they lie, how can you expect accurate results?



Guy Dresses Up As His Girlfriend To Take An Exam For Her

Now THIS is true love… risking international humiliation for the sake of your significant other.


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Epic Wedding Proposal Includes Singers, Dancers, Confetti Cannons

A guy in northern California recently went all out to propose to his girlfriend. I promise you you’ve never seen anything like this.



A Couple In Their 20’s See What They’ll Look Like at 50, 70 and 90

A video called “100 Years Of Beaty: Aging” got more than five million hits in the first WEEKEND it was up!



Man BUSTED For Having 17 Girlfriends Arrested For Fraud

There’s a guy named Yuan in Changsha, China…well, there are probably a ton of guys named Yuan there, but we’re going to focus on this one guy in particular.



Having MORE Sex Will Make You LESS Happy?!

A new study just found that having more sex does NOT make you happier…even though we all THOUGHT that was true.