Motorcyclist Saves Kitten in Busy IntersectionWoah… exhale… exhale… phew! Exactly how I feel after watching this video of a motorcyclist rescuing a kitten in a really busy intersection.
There is a Woman Who Lives with 41 Dogs… Yes, Forty-One!We all love dogs right? Well, yes but maybe not as much as this woman here from Yorkshire, England.
Baby Poops, Dog Gets Scared and Runs Away, Baby Falls OverBabies and puppies - the age old combination sure to make 99% of the population smile, laugh, cry, or any of the above.
3-Year-Old Boy Saved By Cat That Took a BULLET For HimIt's hard to NOT truly believe that cats have 9 lives after reading this story about how one cat saved a 3-year-old boy's life.
10 Most Popular Dog Names Of 2015Maybe I'm the only one, but I always thought it was kind of weird giving your dog a name that seems only suitable for a human, you know?
Twinkle Tush: You Know, A Jewel That Covers Your Cat's ButtWho thought of this!? That is not a person that should just be walking around in society... blended in with us normal people.
World's Ugliest Dog Is a A Hunchbacked Mutt Named Quasi ModoThis year's winner is a 10-year-old whose name is Quasi Modo... and yes, she got that name because of her hunched-back.
Pro-Tip: Know When It's Too Hot Outside To Walk Your DogThink of it like of how parents test if their baby's bottle is too hot for them.
Seeing Eye Dog Jumps In Front Of Bus To Save OwnerWhat's the first thing you think when you see the title of this story? "OMG, did the dog DIE!?" [Spoiler Alert] No, no he did not...which makes this story freakin' amazing.
Toddler Offers Pooping Dog a Little Encouragement​The moral of this story? Never take a good poop for granted.​
Nikon Made A Camera For Your Dog... Not KiddingWe're taking photos of EVERYTHING at this point. But apparently that's not enough. We need our PETS to get in on the action.
Paris Hilton's Beloved Tinkerbell Has DiedParis made the announcement on her Instagram page, naturally. App
The Best Songs Of 2015What are YOUR favorite tracks of the year, so far?
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