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Music For Cats is a Real Thing

What kind of music do they like? The purrrr-ty kind, of course.


Kitten, Meet Hedgehog. Hedgehog, This Is Kitten.

WARNING: If you’re currently in a bad mood and would like to remain that way, DO NOT watch this video. ~Mike Adam


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Astralistic Statistic: 21% of People Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Who?!

While most of us ladies are looking forward to spending the big #VDay with our better half, it looks like our four legged friends cash in on gifts too! ~Astra


"You would be tastier as a cat!" (

In The Know: Kitty Marshmallows Are Better Than Regular Marshmallows

As a cat lover, you may want to know that Cat Marshmallows may soon be able to “pop up” in your cup of hot cocoa! ~Astra


Photo: DJ Toro

#NationalCatDay: Meet Toro’s Cats, Carter & Meeko!

Since October 29th is #NationalCatDay, we would like to introduce DJ Toro’s cats to you. ~Steve


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Help An Animal Shelter Just By Walking Your Dog, Dawg

I bet you didn’t know that you could help raise money for your local animal shelter every time you go on that walk with your dog! ~Astra