Ne-Yo Opens Up About Being a New Parent, Supports March of Dimes on Prime Day 2017We know Ne-Yo as the suave singer who churns out hit after hit, but at home, he’s known as dad.
Bebe Rexha: "I’ve Never Brought a Boy Home, I Respect My Dad Too Much"Speaking about her love life with 92.3 AMP Radio's Shoboy and Nina, Bebe explained what it is she looks for in a man and even admitted she has never even taken a boy home to meet her parents.
Liam Payne Cut Newborn Son Bear’s Umbilical Cord"I did [cut the cord]," Payne tells Shoboy of his first parental duty. "I was all cool with it. We had the best team there. It was the most beautiful thing ever."
Slightly Odd Ways for Expecting Moms to Tell if it's a Boy or GirlOld wives tales abound with ways to tell whether an expecting mom is carrying a boy or girl in her oven; from carrying a baby bump high or low to the feel of your skin (moist or dry) and even the feel of your hair -- but there are also a few other, slightly odd, ways to tell.
"Fake A Baby" Helps You Trick Your Man... Not Okay! [Video]Peep the video and let me know your thoughts. Should "Fake A Baby" be held accountable somehow, or no, it's completely on the person using the service in a malicious, conniving way? ~Mike Adam
Watch These Babies Who Are LITERALLY Scared of Their Own ShadowsAs a kid, I don't think I was scared of too much. I had that whole fear of a shark living in the deep end of my aunt's in-ground pool... but I mean, what kid DOESN'T have that fear, right? ~Mike Adam
Mother Has Nude Photo Shoot With 4-Year-Old SonHmm... I'm still on the fence about this one. The photos feature comedian Jess Hilarious and her son. Her 4-year-old son. ~Mike Adam
Dad Takes Daughter On First Date [Video]My wife put this up on her FB page. She made me watch it saying, "I could picture you doing something like this with our daughter one day." And after watching it... she’s right. ~Mike Adam
Shoboy in the Morning Welcomes a New Addition to the Show!The anticipation and intensity was at an all-time high on “Shoboy in the Morning” this week after Shoboy announced there would be a new addition to the show.
Little Toddler Freaks Out When Daddy Gets HomeWe all used to get excited about the little things when we were kids... but this is just straight up adorable!
Parents Are Naming Their Kids After... Instagram Filters!Sigh. There’s a new trend plaguing the world…maybe you heard of it…parents naming their children after INSTAGRAM FILTERS!!! Seriously!?
A Technique Called 'The Hold' Will Stop Your Baby From CryingDr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in California, claims that a simple baby hold could turn your screeching newborn from crying to sleeping in no time.

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