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Bill Murray Will Wish You a ‘Very Murray Christmas’ This December

It was announced Murray was working on a Christmas special with director Sofia Coppola for Netflix, and now there’s a video teaser.


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Guy Hits The Streets With Mistletoe Contraption, Gets Tons Of Action

Wow, so um, the lesson learned here is if you walk around the city asking people to kiss you… you’re creepy. BUT, if you attach a mistletoe contraption to yourself, and go out during the holiday season, you’re gonna get some ACTION! ~Mike Adam


"This is stupid." (Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Cats vs. Christmas Trees: There Can Be Only One

I’ve always been a dog person. Mainly because I feel like they’re less likely to randomly go completely ballistic at any moment. Like, “You’re petting me, I love you, I’m purring…I’M CLAWING YOUR EYES OUT!!!” Anyways, not saying the video above proves my point, but… okay, it totally proves my point.



America’s Best Streets For Christmas Lights

Think back to your childhood. Remember that one home that always went a little overboard for Xmas?


‘Tis The Season To Be Tipping!

Ok… I may not be the BIGGEST tipper either around this time of year – especially when I have to shop for EVERYONE and their mothers – BUT I do try to show my appreciation the best way I can! ~Astra


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Cop Pulls Over Locals… To Give Them Presents!

Usually when you see red and blue lights flickering behind you, it’s pretty much game over. Pieces of your life flashes in your head and you start to panic inside but try to keep it cool on the outside.


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Dad Gives Kids Terrible Christmas Presents

Not gonna lie, I think I would have thrown a tantrum when I was a kid if I got what these guys received for Christmas. (For goodness sake, I’m an only child, what do you want from me!?) ~Mike Adam


Mariah Carey

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” 20 Year Anniversary

Anybody can cover a classic Christmas song…now, MAKING one? That’s a different story. Mariah Carey managed to create a holiday hit 20 years ago, that STILL generates a boat-load of $$$ for her every year. “All I Want For Christmas Is You” re-enters Billboard’s Holiday 100 Chart annually, and has become MC’s best selling download of all time.


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‘South Park’ Holiday Episode Pokes Fun at Taylor Swift, Lorde, Iggy Azalea & Michael Jackson’s Hologram

On the latest holiday episode of ‘South Park,’ they went for broke, poking fun at bloated holiday specials, smug celebrities and especially holograms, including those of Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.