Barack Obama

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President Obama Doesn’t Actually Have Kanye West’s Home Phone Number

“Look, I love his music, but I don’t think I have his home number.”


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President Obama Reads Mean Tweets: Watch

This could be the granddaddy of all of Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrity “Mean Tweets” segments.


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Obama Calls Kanye West’s Home Phone, & Other Great Lines from Kanye’s Oxford Lecture

“We have the resources as a civilization to make a utopia, but we’re led by the most greedy and the least noble.”


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Niko ‘Thanks Obama’ For All The Wrong That Happens In His Life

Recently, the Leader of the Free World, President Barack Obama, teamed up with Buzzfeed to talk about the website. While there, he gave us some insight into things he does just like the rest […]


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Barack Obama’s All About That “Uptown Funk”

President Obama seems to be the one chosen to poke fun of, but it’s absolutely hilarious to watch – every single time!


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President Obama Visits Student Who Wished for Beyoncé Instead

Maybe one day, Madison will get to live in a world where Beyoncé is president.


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Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens Do

No word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.