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Singer Prince Royce performs and meets fans at Slake NYC with 92.3 AMP Radio. (Photo: 92.3 AMP Radio)

Prince Royce Knew He ‘Made It’ When J.Lo Backed It Up On Him

“She’s backing it up on me in the music video and I’m like, man, It really feels like I’m doing something with my life right now!”


(Cash Money/Republic Records)

Today’s Dirt: Drake’s New Diss, Demi’s Doggie & Macklemore Talks Addiction

Drake Dropped Another Diss Track! In case you’ve been living under a rock, the drama all started last week when Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj’s man, called out Drake for not writing his own lyrics and […]


via @TrumpInsulter

Want To Trash Someone? Try The ‘Donald Trump Insult Generator’

Donald Trump is getting to be as famous for slinging insults as he is for being a real-estate mogul.


OMI In Studio with the Shoboy Show (Photo: Raquel Garfinkel/CBS Local)

OMI On the Success of “Cheerleader” – “Hard Work Pays Off”

OMI, currently enjoying having the #1 hit song in the US, stopped by 92.3 AMP to talk with the Shoboy show about this huge accomplishment.


Demi Lovato (923AMPRadio)

Demi Lovato is ‘Cool For The Summer’ And Possibly Ready For Marriage

Demi Lovato stopped by to chat with Shoboy and Nina about the release of her new song “Cool For The Summer,” her relationship with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, her status in Iggy Azalea’s wedding, and a special surprise from Shoboy In The Morning.


#GomezForPrez (Photo: 92.3 AMP Radio)

Selena Gomez For President: Selena Chooses Her White House Staff

As Selena’s campaign managers, Shoboy and Nina have to build up her team of advisors, possible running mates and a future cabinet in order for her presidential run to be taken seriously.


Trey Songz & Shoboy (Photo: 92.3 AMP Radio)

Trey Songz is Proud of Chris Brown, SX and YOU, Girl!

Trey Songz recently toured with Chris Brown on the “Between the Sheets” tour and was there when Chris got the news that he was a father.


Atlanta rapper Silento in studio at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC with Shoboy in the Morning. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Local)

Shoboy + Nina “Whip” and “Nae Nae” with Silento

17-year-old Silento stopped by the studio to talk to Shoboy and Nina about his dance song takeover and put them up to the Silento challenge.


DJ Snake (Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

Friendly Fire: DJ Snake Continues To Troll Dillon Francis

DJs are like kids in the schoolyard; they play together, throw mud in each other’s faces, and name call, all for the sake of a good time.