Mike Adam

Rumor Mill: Lady Gaga and Daft Punk?! Katy Perry and Ariana Grande?!

SO many rumors are currently swirling around… and I love it! Man, if even only ONE out of these THREE things is true, it would be awesome. ~Mike Adam


‘Unicorn Cream Cheese’ Is Being Spread All Over Instagram

What do you MEAN you haven’t heard of unicorn and mermaid toast!? ~Mike Adam


“Fake A Baby” Helps You Trick Your Man… Not Okay! [Video]

Peep the video and let me know your thoughts. Should “Fake A Baby” be held accountable somehow, or no, it’s completely on the person using the service in a malicious, conniving way? ~Mike Adam


Watch These Babies Who Are LITERALLY Scared of Their Own Shadows

As a kid, I don’t think I was scared of too much. I had that whole fear of a shark living in the deep end of my aunt’s in-ground pool… but I mean, what kid DOESN’T have that fear, right? ~Mike Adam


Clean Bandit + Anne-Marie Talk Collaborations, Touring, New Music and More

Clean Bandit kind of spilled the beans when they said they have ANOTHER unfinished song with Anne-Marie… but once they realized they may have said too much already, their lips got tighter. Anne-Marie also talked about recently working with Ed Sheeran.


Lost Kings and Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony Collaborating

Lost Kings and Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony have been teasing something on social media… now, what is it and when are we getting it? Those are only questions they can answer, and they seem tight lipped about it!


Peking Duk Talks Passion Pit, Formerly Being a Barista and More

Off the rip, I had to ask the guys where the name came from, and they had a very…er…’creative’ explanation. ~Mike Adam


Helena Legend Talks Pentatonix Collab, and Friendship with Ruby Rose

Meet Helena Legend… a British-born Australian (who now calls L.A. home) that produces some soul-vibrating music. And she keeps adding things to her job title – DJ, producer, clothing line owner, and now SINGER! ~Mike Adam


Meanwhile… In Upstate NY a Cop Car Gets Twerked On [Video]

I would NOT be happy if someone was twerking on my car. Well… I guess it depends on who it was… and what kind of car I had. ~Mike Adam


Mother Has Nude Photo Shoot With 4-Year-Old Son

Hmm… I’m still on the fence about this one. The photos feature comedian Jess Hilarious and her son. Her 4-year-old son. ~Mike Adam



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