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Things Giants Fans Say After They Lose a Game

Stick in there, Giants Fans! Maybe next season you’ll have better luck. ~Steve

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Get In the Halloween Spirit with This Hilarious “Chainsaw Massacre” Prank

Just in case you’re too scared to visit a haunted house or haunted hayrides, we would like to share with you a video by the prank master himself Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. If you’re not familiar with [...]


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Toro & Steve’s Giants vs Dallas Predictions

Today, Toro & Steve want to know what your predictions are for Sunday’s big game between the Giants and Cowboys!


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Rutgers Sorority Phi Sigma Sigma ‘Shakes It Off’ For Charity! Your Move, Taylor!

Over the weekend, the lovely ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma from Rutgers University decided to make a parody of Taylor Swift’s latest hit “Shake It Off” and let me tell you, it was pretty impressive. Especially since they did it all in one take – and for CHARITY! ~Steve


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Toro Visits (Survives!) Blood Manor In NYC

On Sunday, Toro and the rest of the 92.3 AMP team decided to get a good scare by visiting Blood Manor for their 10 Year Anniversary.


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There Are 5 Types of People You’ll See on the NYC Subway: Here They Are!

Lately we’ve been taking the train into work and realized that there are many “interesting” people traveling around the same time we go on. After a few days of commuting, we came up with a list of people you’ll come across when hopping on a NYC train or the Path. Check out what we came up with and let us know if we missed anyone!


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5 Reasons Why We Still Go On Facebook…

Have you ever opened up the browser on your computer and just started typing without even realizing what you’re doing? Then Booooom! You realize why you went on it… ~ Toro & Steve


DJ Toro’s Tips on How NOT To Be an Idiot Driver

Pay attention, we’re only saying this once! ~Toro & Steve


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Derek Jeter Wants Players To Connect With Fans Like Never Before With ‘The Players’ Tribune’

Jeter and other athletes are in the process of building a place where they can share their thoughts about situations that are happening in the media without having reporters in their face.


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Toro Got Rick Rolled by Enferno and DJ Shiftee

What I thought would be an epic head to head battle between two of my favorite Disco Mix Club Champions came out to be a hoax! ~Toro




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