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Astra's Fabulous Finds: Dune JewelryIf you're like me, when you do travel, you like to collect little souvenirs to remember the places you visited. But let's be honest, how many t-shirts, shot glasses and magnets can you really use? Wouldn't you prefer something that is more sentimental?
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – April 27, 2017Today on the Shoboy Show: Seattle ATM scam; Secret code words and phrases; ‘Spin The Bottle’ + more!
Chrissy Teigen Got Her Followers To Troll Her Hubs John LegendYou could tell he was getting visibly annoyed, but leave it to Chrissy to take it all one step further. ~Nina
Bruno Mars Has Tied Justin Timberlake with HITSBruno Mars and Justin Timberlake have something BIG in common -- and it’s the number of hits they have on their hands!
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – April 26, 2017Today on the Shoboy Show: Save the beer!; Relationship struggles according to zodiac signs; 'Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State'; 'Jealousy Trip’ + more!
Disney Reveals Schedule Of Upcoming BlockbustersDo you love Disney? There’s something about a good Disney movie that always hits the spot. “The Little Mermaid” does it for me EVERY time. ~Nina
The Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State: Cornfield ChaseHow did you find out you were the side piece in your relationship? Or maybe you had a side piece of your own!
Shoboy's Jealousy Trip: Different Parties, Same HotelTodd and his fiancé Jenny decided to have their Bachelor and Bachelorette parties at the same hotel, but they agreed to have different parties. Because they were in the same place, they set some ground rules, one of them being no strippers.
How Did Channing Tatum Get His Wife? It Involves a Cowboy Hat, Uggs, and Tequila!Jenna Dewan-Tatum was on with Ellen DeGeneres and recounted the very early stages of her relationship with her hubby, Channing Tatum. ~Nina
Kim Kardashian Live Tweets Kourtney’s Birthday Party In MexicoLeave it to Kim Kardashian to invite us all to Kourtney’s birthday party in Mexico through Twitter. ~Nina
Ellen Asked J.Lo If She Spent The Night With A-Rod After Their First Date!Jennifer Lopez was on with Ellen and opened up about how her and Alex Rodriguez's romance really started and even opened up about if she spent the night with him after their first date! ~Nina
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – April 25, 2017Today on the Shoboy Show: Do you know where your name came from?; ‘Continue to Date or Eliminate’; Craziest excuses + more!

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