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Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – July 26, 2017 – Our Listener Wants to Confess His Love to a Girl Who's TakenToday on the Shoboy Show: A listener made out with a girl and is totally into her. The only issue is, he discovered she has a boyfriend!  What would you do?; Ordering car service in taco mode; Real Side Pieces of the Tri-state and more!
Justin Bieber Upset More Than Just His Fans By Cancelling His Tour
Michael Phelps Defends Himself Against Serious HatersMichael Phelps vs. a Great White Shark was the event everyone was talking about leading up to the kick off of Shark Week -- but it wasn’t what everyone was hoping for.
Real Side Pieces of the Tri-state: "The 5-Year Plan"Erica from the Bronx thought all was good with her man until she saw him in another woman’s Facebook profile!
There's a 9/11 Movie Coming Starring Charlie SheenYou know... it's not that I'm against Hollywood making a 9/11 movie, it's just that I want them to handle it with grace. ~Mike Adam
Mermaid Fitness Classes Are a Thing Now [Video]Classes are just $25, and it's exactly what it sounds like... you're working out in a pool with a mermaid tail on.
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – July 25, 2017 – Shoboy's Wife Laughed in His Face After His ConfessionToday on the Shoboy Show: Significant Other Confessions; 'Continue to Date or Eliminate;' Asking the cops for illegal substances and more!
Check Out Drake's New Lil Wayne TattooLil Wayne gave Drake his big break when he signed the Canadian rapper to Young Money.
What's The Worst Thing An Employer Can Say When Firing You!?"We're going in a different direction"... I cringe just thinking of those words. What does that even MEAN!? ~Mike Adam
Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – July 24, 2017 – Did Shoboy Find DJ Majestik A Wife?!Today on the Shoboy how: Dude Day Out 2017 turned out to be a huge success; A potential wife for Maj?; Nina's ‘Spanish Calamari’ update; Would you let your employer install a chip in your hand?; 'Hungover Games' and more!
Snapchat Shut Down Nicki Minaj's PhoneFans were filling her inbox with messages and fans were trying to call her repeatedly so she couldn’t even use her phone! They just kept coming.
Proposal Watch: Did The Weeknd Pop The Question On Selena’s Birthday?If you remember we reported about a week ago that there was a rumor flying in regards to The Weeknd proposing to Selena Gomez on her 25th Birthday.


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