Noah Cyrus Says She’s In ‘No Rush’ to Release Debut Album ‘NC-17’

Noah Cyrus is way more than just the dark-haired Cyrus girl. She’s an artist in her own right currently preparing her debut album, NC-17 (a word play on her initials and age), slated to drop later this year.

You should already know two tracks off of the album — 2016’s “Make Me Cry” featuring U.K. artist Labrinth and “Stay Together” — both of which have racked up millions and millions of views. The latest single off NC-17 features embattled Soundcloud rapper XXXTentacion.

“Again” was just released to the world on September 21st and the visual for the track has already collected over 5 million views. Filmed in a cemetery in Australia, Noah explains to 92.3 AMP Radio’s Astra how the idea came about.

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“We were in Australia doing radio promo for “I’m Stuck” and my friend that lives in Australia… was like, ‘you’ve got to see this cemetery.’ And Michael and I were like, ‘let’s just film a video in the cemetery while we’re there and see what happens. We didn’t even know ‘Again’ was going to be a single; we just wanted to film a video for [it] because we thought it would be cool.”

“If anyone’s wondering how much my video was, it was like $300 dollars because all we needed was a camera guy.”

img 0711 Noah Cyrus Says Shes In No Rush to Release Debut Album NC 17

Astra & Noah Cyrus (92.3 AMP Radio)

Noah also explains how she met her collaborative partner for the track, XXXTentacion, the same way she met Labrinth, through a mutual music business pal named Ron Perry.

“Ron connected us and put X on the record and sent it to me, and was like ‘hey, what do you think?” Noah explains. “I was like, ‘what do I think?’ I think this is incredible!'”

“The song,” she continues, “had two verses of me before, and that’s what we were going to put it out with. When I heard it with X, the record just changed and it was always dark, but it got so much more emotional for me because I think the way he shows emotion with his music is really beautiful.”

As for when in 2017 we should expect the full album from Noah, it’s anyone’s guess.

“I have no idea,” Noah laughs. “I’m not keeping secrets from anybody — I literally have no idea when the album’s coming out. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to give it my full attention.”

After putting in two years of work on the album, Noah says she’s ready for the world to hear the tracks, album or not.

“Now that I’m able to go out and perform what I was working on in the studio, I’m not so in a rush for the album anymore,” she admits. “That’s what’s really cool about music right now, you don’t need an album. There’s singles, there’s content pieces you can put on YouTube. So, I’m in no rush because I know if there’s a song I want out right now, we can put it out.”

Worry not, Noah is very attached to the album and WILL release it as soon as it’s ready.

“I’ve gone through so much that I’ve written about, I could never trash that album.”

Watch the video above for more, and check out the clip below for some of Noah’s Halloween costume plans!


–Joe Cingrana/WBMP

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