Kesha Explains Her Emotional ‘Rainbow:’ “I write songs about everything I go through”

Kesha has officially returned with two hot new singles, “Woman” and “Praying,” and a new album set to be released on August 11th — titled Rainbow.

The first single to be released was “Praying” an obvious departure from her party days of “Blow” and “TiK ToK.” The second single, her epic empowerment anthem “Woman,” sees a return to her wild-child musical roots and throws in quite a few curse-words for good measure.

kesha approved 002 Kesha Explains Her Emotional Rainbow: I write songs about everything I go through

Kesha in studio with Shoboy and Nina (Shoboy Show) at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

During her visit with 92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy Show in New York City on Tuesday (July 18) the singer explained her writing process and the emotional roller coaster fans can expect from her new effort.

“I write songs about everything I go through,” Kesha told Shoboy and Nina. “Even if it’s just me singing in the shower, I always sing about everything. That’s how I cope with things.”

“If you’ve seen the video for ‘Praying,'” she explains about the album’s first single, “there’s a monologue in my head, and it is metaphorical, but it’s like when you have a really down moment or are feeling depressed or the weight of the world on you — which I feel like most adults and even kids, it’s not just an age thing — most human beings have felt that way if we’re being honest, and it’s very taboo to talk about. But on this record, I have washed away the boundaries of what I’m supposed to and not supposed to talk about and I’m just being honest about my emotions.”

On the flip-side, Kesha’s latest release, “Woman” takes her back to the partying, fun Kesha that we’ve all come to love over the years.

“I wanted this record to be super-raw, very visceral and just… all the emotions,” she says. “I feel like there were days that I woke up and I was like, ‘Oh I’m really sad I want to write a song that’s channeling this sadness.’ Or I’d wake up and be like, ‘you know what? I’m in a goofy as f— mood, I’m gonna write a song that’s fun and silly.’ Then there was the day I woke up and felt like a motherf—— woman and I wrote that song!”

“I’m excited for people to hear the entire record because it’s not all one thing — it’s the whole scope of human emotion. It’s the good, the bad, and everything in between. Which, I feel like is being human.”

Kesha’s Rainbow hits stores and online on August 11th. 


–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP Radio

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