Shoboy’s Jealousy Trip: “Side Piece Co-Worker”

(Credit: Digital Vision/Thinkstock)


Do you want to make your partner or someone you love jealous just because you want to mess with them? Or maybe you want to find out if they truly do love you and will fight for your love? That’s what we are here for! Welcome to “The Jealousy Trip” where we call your loved one and make them super jealous!

Jason has been dating his girlfriend for two years and is so in love with her. He recently got a promotion at his job and is woking on a new project with new people. He started dressing better and his girlfriend didn’t understand why until she saw a picture of him and one of the new co-workers who happens to be a girl.

She now thinks Jason is cheating on her, so Jason wants to prank her by having Nina pretend to be “Jasmine” the girl in the picture telling his girlfriend that she tried to hook up with him, but he denied her!

How did Jason’s girlfriend react? Listen above!


–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning


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