DJ Jay Dabhi Walks Into Queens Home, Finds Snake Slithering Through Living Room

“I’ve had it with these mother…” wait, there are snakes in New York City?

Local DJ and on-air personality/mixer on NYC’s 92.3 AMP Radio discovered an interesting, albeit unwanted visitor slithering around the living room of his Queens home on Tuesday night (7/4).

Jay Dabhi had just returned from the holiday weekend with his family, wife Shireen and daughter Samira, on the night of the fourth, when he and his wife noticed what looked like a snake crawling up the leg of one of their chairs.

gettyimages 668402 DJ Jay Dabhi Walks Into Queens Home, Finds Snake Slithering Through Living Room

(Photo by Chris Hondros/Newsmakers)

“There was a mothaf***** snake in our living room, in QUEENS!” Dabhi wrote on Facebook the following day.

“My daughter was within inches [of the snake] on the couch… then the momma bear kicked in, I was like I have to protect my family,” Shireen Elnaggar, Dabhi’s wife, said in an interview with the New York Post.

Dabhi called 911 to alert authorities, but since it was the night of July 4th, the department was already overloaded with emergency calls. It took him two more shouts to 911 before officers responded, over an hour later.

The intruder turned out to be an albino corn snake — which are commonly found throughout the southeastern and central United States — and while it may be non-venomous, it can constrict and bite… and possibly put up AirBNB offers on vacant abodes.

Dabhi told 1010 WINS, “With our daughter sleeping on the couch two feet away from it, that’s pretty close. Or if she was awake and running around playing and she saw it, thought it was a toy… I don’t even want to think about it. It’s scary.”

Dabhi later Tweeted his thanks to the NYPD.


–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP Radio


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