Bebe Rexha: ‘I Would Never Throw Shade at Rihanna’

Earlier this week, reports surfaced regarding comments made by singer Bebe Rexha about her musical involvement in 2013’s massive Eminem and Rihanna collaborative hit, “The Monster.”

While on stage performing at a LGBTQ+ pride event in Augusta, GA on June 23rd, Rexha decided to give a little background about the single for those who were unaware; Those are her vocals on the track’s chorus during the ‘oooh oooh’ parts, but it was her line about not being able to “hit those high notes” that has drawn the wrath of Rihanna’s die-hard fans.

“I would never throw shade at Rihanna,” Rexha told 92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy and Nina during her stop off in New York City on Wednesday (6/28). “Why would I say that?! I’m a new artist… I’m talking facts, the (singing) is my voice. I’m not talking smack. I just said that that’s my voice. If you didn’t know, now you know.”

bebe opera Bebe Rexha: I Would Never Throw Shade at Rihanna

Bebe Rexha in studio with Shoboy in the Morning at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

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“Even with [David Guetta’s] ‘Hey Mama,’ people don’t know that I’m singing that hook. But if people want to know my story, there’s an interview I just did called And the Writer Is…, and listen to my story about how crazy the music business is.”

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Rexha explained how this isn’t the first time the “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)” singer/songwriter has had to face haters head on.

“There’s stories about ‘The Monster’ too, back in the day, where I was blackmailed. It was supposed to be a Lupe Fiasco song,” she says, “and they were like, ‘if you don’t give this to us you’re never going to work in the music business.'”

“People don’t know my story, but I’m over that. I’m happy to be here right now, I’m grateful. People want to create stories and shade […] I’m thinking I’m still just a girl from Brooklyn, I’m not trying to start problems.”

“I don’t have anything against Rihanna, I think she’s amazing,” Bebe says. “I said on stage ‘don’t be twisting my words because Rihanna and Beyonce are still Queens.’ And now all the Navy people are like, ‘good because that’s something you’ll never be.”

After getting to know Bebe as super chill and humble over the course of her career, Shoboy and Nina knew there had to be more to the story than what was being reported.

rexha 002 Bebe Rexha: I Would Never Throw Shade at Rihanna

Bebe Rexha in studio with Shoboy in the Morning at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

“I was kind of upset with myself,” Rexha says looking back on how it all went down. “I should just move forward and not bring that up anymore, but I am human and I make mistakes. It is what it is… Move forward.”

Bebe Rexha is currently enjoying the success of her upcoming All Your Fault: Pt. 2 EP single “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)” featuring rapper Lil Wayne and will be performing this Friday (June 30th) as part of the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series in NYC’s Rockefeller Square.


–Joe Cingrana/WBMP

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