Bow Wow In Trouble On Social Media… Again

Oh Bow Wow… this guy is learning some really hard lessons in how to use social media without looking like a fool. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago everyone was taking on the #BowWowChallenge because he posted a Google image of a private jet and acted like it was his own, meanwhile he was flying coach.

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Now, as Complex reports, Bow Wow posted this quote:

“Women are suppose to be beautiful and hard to catch like a butterfly… Some of you B*****s are more like mosquitos annoying and easy to smash”.


As you can imagine, there were plenty of women that did not find this funny and went in on him. My favorite was from someone who was “kind of” defending him and she said this:

“Ladies, don’t be too hard on him. I’m sure he stole this from somewhere/somebody. Dude never wrote his own raps, so I’m sure he didn’t think of something as clever as this.”

It’s my favorite because he DID steal it!!! That quote has been circling the Internet for a while with a bunch of different memes.

Get it together, Bow Wow. Social media etiquette shouldn’t be this hard.

Read more HERE.


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