Selena Gomez Goes Blonde for ‘Bad Liar’ Video

"Bad Liar" drops tomorrow.

By Hayden Wright

Selena Gomez has touted her “intentional, refreshing and moody” new album and its lead single “Bad Liar” is our first taste of things to come. In the video, Gomez signals a dramatic shift in style with a blonde wig.

selena gomez showboy Selena Gomez Goes Blonde for Bad Liar Video

Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Radio


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The famously brunette singer shared an Instagram Live shot where her dark locks are replaced with a shock of gold. The look resembles a Farrah Fawcett “flip” style from the 1970s and her collared yellow shirt gives the same vibe.

The “Bad Liar” video was scheduled to drop on Thursday — but it’s already here!

See the dramatic new ‘do here:

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