Rapper Logic Doesn’t ‘Give a S*** About Mainstream Media’

Armed with refreshing candor and a sharp tongue, Logic has reached millions with his message of peace, love, and positivity. A message like his can be easily overshadowed on the always chaotic internet, where unwarranted vitriol flows freely; a more common theme today with the unfiltered stream of consciousness that is Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

Logic, admittedly, stays away from the mainstream media. He missed the President’s “covfefe” typo and Kathy Griffin’s tasteless photo from last week, telling 92.3 AMP Radio’s Astra, “I’ve been so in my own zone. I’m off Twitter … I don’t give a s*** about mainstream media.”

logic amp 06052017 0001web Rapper Logic Doesnt Give a S*** About Mainstream Media

(Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Digital)

The negativity of the internet is something ingrained in us. We can wish and hope for positivity, but the person scrolling through social feeds secretly loves pain and suffering. Segueing thought from his latest track “1-800-273-8255” to internet culture, Logic explains “That’s what claws [at] you and grabs you. If you’re on Facebook or whatever and you just see some crazy video of somebody fighting, the ‘Internet You’ wants to see someone fight, for whatever reason.”

“It’s almost like we want the demise,” adds Logic. “There’s famous people and its, yeah, we love them, but when they fall on stage [its] ‘Oh! Did you see that!’ You want to share it and it’s kind of messed up.”

Despite this, Logic’s upbeat views won’t falter. “I like to focus on the good things that are happening.”

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