Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 25, 2017

Fleet Week here in NYC has begun! That’s when military members who serve in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard dock at the harbor and spend Memorial Day in the city! Ladies, do you love a man in uniform? There’s usually a lot of drinking involved as well! Whatever you do, don’t get as lit as the drunk pizza girl from Djais in Belmar who was eating a slice of pizza and now her video has gone viral! Check it out on our social media @ShoboyShow

Speaking of getting drunk, what’s the craziest thing a drunk family member has confessed to you? Nina’s mom confessed something to her that scarred Nina for life!

In today’s ‘Spin the Bottle’, one of us had to reveal one thing from our past that could have landed us in jail! Who do you think pretended to be a ninja turtle playing in the sewer with fire?!


thejuicelogo Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 25, 2017Jump To: ‘The Juice’ with Nina

Orlando Bloom Got a Waitress Fired!

Has Khloe Kardashian’s Man Asked Her For Space?

Is Ed Sheeran Engaged to Cherry Seaborn?

Liam Payne Cut Newborn Son Bear’s Umbilical Cord

Liam Payne On Lost British Accent: ‘I Just Can’t Control It’

shoboy img podcast1 Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 25, 2017

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