Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 19, 2017

5 19 ssdh Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 19, 2017It’s going to be great weather this weekend familia! What are your plans? Shoboy is doing a lot of adulting, but on Sunday, he’ll be in the Bronx for Bronx Week! Will Nina confront her imposter in Sacramento this weekend? She’s heading back to where she used to live for another show’s concert and her ex-friend, the one that basically wants to be Nina, will be there! DJ Majestik might be seeing his new girl ‘Home-wrecker’ for the third weekend in a row! Producer Kristen is heading out with her friend who gets way too drunk and every guy she hits on ends up giving their number to PK! Will it be different this time around?

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, take note of these horrible/cheesy pickup lines that were tested on Nina and Producer Kristen. Or you can listen to today’s ‘Hookup Hotline’ where Kenny from Fair Lawn asked Amy from Bayonne what her measurements are! Guys, just don’t do that.

For all you Directioners, we spoke to Liam Payne from One Direction and he admitted things that happened in the delivery room when his baby was born that he hasn’t said before! He also breaks down his involvement with Quavo and how he saved Calvin Harris from getting hit by a flying little person at Miley Cyrus’ 21st birthday party!

[VIDEO] Liam Payne Cut Newborn Son Bear’s Umbilical Cord

[VIDEO] Liam Payne On Lost British Accent: ‘I Just Can’t Control It’

thejuicelogo Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 19, 2017Jump To: ‘The Juice’ with Nina

So Why Did Katy Perry REALLY Chop Her Hair Off?

Report: A$AP Rocky’s Hollywood Home Burglarized

Chance The Rapper Says Working with Kanye West is “Insanity”

shoboy img podcast1 Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – May 19, 2017

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