Liam Payne On Lost British Accent: ‘I Just Can’t Control It’

"It goes in and out! It's weird!"

As Liam Payne prepares the release of his debut solo effort post-One Direction, the singer and heartthrob stopped by the Adorama Theater at 92.3 AMP Radio to get the excitement going with Shoboy and Nina on the StubHub stage — and also meet some lucky fans in the process.

During the interview, Shoboy brought up something straight out of recent headlines regarding Liam’s British accent and fans being a little angry that he seems to have misplaced it.


So, what gives? Is it true he’s lost it?

“Sometimes,” Liam said slightly flustered. “It goes in and out! It’s weird, I can’t control it. This thing is unstoppable, it just goes!”

“Apparently I’ve been changed — I’m not me anymore! I’ve been changed and they put an American kid in.”

Watch the clip above as Liam explains, and also gives us his best shot at an American accent!

liampayne ampmg 05172017 0015web Liam Payne On Lost British Accent: I Just Cant Control It

Liam Payne meets fans after a 92.3 AMP Radio event in New York City on May 17, 2017 (Photo: CBS Digital)

[PHOTOS] Liam Payne Meets Fans at 92.3 AMP Radio

Listen to the full interview with Liam on the Shoboy Show starting at 6AM this Friday (5/19) — which also just happens to be the big release day of “Strip That Down” for Liam!

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–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP Radio

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