Camila Cabello Is Pop’s Next Superstar

Dare I compare it to when Beyonce severed ties with Destiny’s Child? One could certainly argue the similarities.

Harmonizers, the bottom line is, Camila Cabello wasn’t happy making the music she was making. She wanted to go in a different direction… a direction that she felt the group wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to go in. I don’t think it was a malicious act, and I don’t think it was a matter of CC thinking she was better than the other girls.

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In life, you go with your gut, and make decisions based on what you think will bring you happiness. Could the 5H exit have been executed better on Camila’s part? Sure. But we only know so much. With stuff like this, you have labels involved, managers, parents, EVERYONE. Everyone is giving their opinion. Everyone knows the ‘best way to do it’.

Oh, and don’t forget… Fifth Harmony is a manufactured group. It’s like a roommate you’re assigned to dorm with freshman year of college. Yes, sometimes that person becomes a life-long friend, but sometimes the friendship ends when college does. You following me here?

Anyways, I think Fifth Harmony is going to go on to make numerous hit records, and hopefully do what One Direction is doing so well…make individual solo projects and come back to the group at the proper time.

Camila has a long, successful solo career ahead of her. That girl can sing. And as important, if not more, she can write her butt off too. She’s already aligned herself with some of the industry greats (like Ryan Tedder), who all see the same thing… a budding superstar.


Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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