BTS On The Brink of Blowing Up In The U.S.

**Updated Below

BTS is nominated for Top Social Artist at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards. This award show will be the first time BTS walks down a red carpet in the United States. Talk about long overdue.

This year, BTS was ranked #5 on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, and last year, they landed in Forbes again…that time for being the most retweeted artist on Twitter. Yeah, their social media presence is like nothing anyone has ever seen before. But aside from that, they’ve performed in sold out ARENAS in Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America. Their online following translates into ticket sales…unlike most artists. A lot of times, Internet popularity is not a good indicator of whether or not an artist will do well on tour, or with album sales. BTS fans are fully committed. If they’re retweeting their favorite band, there’s a good chance their buying their latest single as well.

K-Pop interest in the United States is at an all time high. You can thank the Internet for part of that. The World Wide Web has made our blue & green planet a smaller place. We can now scourer all ends of the earth in search of music we love. K-Pop isn’t the secret it once was. PLUS, Billboard has taken a serious liking to the genre. They cover K-Pop acts frequently. An outlet like that shining the spotlight on that genre is massive.

BTS will take home that Top Social Artist award at the BBMAs…lets be honest, the category was practically invented FOR them. And after that? Who knows…maybe they’ll be performing at the next award show. BTS is steamrolling along. If any act will bring K-Pop to the forefront in this generation, it’s BTS.

**UPDATE: A previous version of this article featured the image below of VIXX which captions BTS as the band in the image.


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