Leroy Sanchez On Being In-Studio with Tinashe & Joining Becky G On Stage

Leroy Sanchez has been writing music for a long time. Yes, most people will refer to him as “the YouTuber guy with the beautiful voice”, but YouTube wasn’t what made the music industry pay attention to Leroy…he was raising eyebrows in the biz way before he had 300 million video views on his channel.

YouTube was a space Leroy Sanchez was kind of forced into. Certain…er…’issues’ with record labels left Leroy between a rock and a hard place. And while those issues were getting resolved in court, legally, the only thing Mr. Sanchez could really do was release covers on YouTube. Talk about a blessing in disguise though…thanks to his channel, he has a MASSIVE, loyal fanbase that is patiently waiting for him to release his OWN music. And the time is almost here.

Leroy told me his EP will be out soon enough. Will there be any famous features? Sounds like LS has something in the works, but he was tight-lipped about it…so we’ll wait and see I guess.

During the interview, Leroy and I talked about his upbringing, career highlights up to this point, and famous artists that have seen (and commented) on the covers Leroy has done of their songs. And at the end of the interview, Leroy was our first victim…I mean contestant for “Famous 4heads”.

Who knew Leroy had ANOTHER talent…identifying famous people by looking at just their foreheads, lol.



Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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