Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Most Girls’ is For All the Girls

There was never any doubt in Hailee Steinfeld‘s ability, made abundantly clear when she starred in the 2010 remake of True Grit and earned herself an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Since then, she’s evolved into a triple threat, continuing her work in film, taking the runway as a model, and making huge strides as a recording artist.

With her music, Steinfeld is able to offer more than the portrayal of a fictional character, instead granting the public a glimpse into herself.

“I feel like through the music I’ve been able to connect with people, with my fans, in a way I was never able to through movies … they were able to connect with a character I played and not necessarily me,” says Steinfeld. “It’s been an amazing opportunity to really use the platform as a way to share my voice, my thoughts, and experiences on life.”

Her voice, thoughts, and experiences are calling out to all the girls of the world in her new single, “Most Girls.” Women and young girls continue to be the target of criticism for merely existing in their bodies, subject to unwarranted objectification, which has been inflamed due to the countries current climate.

“Just with everything going on in the world with women right now, it really felt like it made sense for right now,” she says.


The increasing growth and normalizing of social media’s presence in our lives has made harassment rampant. As hard as it may be, Steinfeld utilizes lyrics to not only empower women (“‘Cause you look greatest when you feel like a damn queen”) but to promote inclusivity (“Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful / Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable / Most girls, our fight to make every day”).

“It’s something we all deal with; men and women, girls and boys… Sometimes we look for validation through a number of likes, or followers. It’s hard not to do that … we’ve all done it,” says Steinfeld. “Do whatever makes you happy. If you’re going to post a picture, post that picture because you love it and you feel great in it and it doesn’t matter what those comments say or what anybody has to say.”

Watch Shoboy Show’s full interview with Hailee Steinfeld above.


Steinfeld has a music video for “Most Girls” due for release soon and will reprise her role as Emily Junk when Pitch Perfect 3 comes to theaters at the end of 2017.


–E.J. Judge/WBMP


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