The Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State: “Mommy’s Home!”

How did you find out you were the side piece in your relationship? Or maybe you had a side piece of your own! Either way, you are officially part of a prestigious group called “The Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State.” (Disclaimer: We do NOT condone this behavior.)

Aisha from Connecticut met a guy online and they started hanging out a lot, but every time they did, she had to drive and had to drop him off at the corner of his street. She didn’t think anything of it, even after he told her she can’t hang out at his house because his mom is weird and doesn’t like people there.

One day, Aisha picked him up downtown. As he was putting his guitar in the car, a random girl came up to the car and started banging on the window. He told the other girl to go away all while she was yelling at him. The guy told Aisha that she was a crazy ex. A few weeks later, that crazy girl called Aisha from the guy’s phone and said that she was engaged to him and she lives with him!


–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning

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