Astra’s Fabulous Finds: Dune Jewelry

If there’s one thing that most people love to do, it’s travel. Now I don’t mean that you have to travel hundreds of thousands of miles away to experience something – although that’s definitely a huge plus. But you can do something as simple as travel away from your neighborhood just to change up the scenery.

If you’re like me, when you do travel, you like to collect little souvenirs to remember the places you visited. But let’s be honest, how many t-shirts, shot glasses and magnets can you really use? Wouldn’t you prefer something that is more sentimental?

I was recently introduced to Dune Jewelry – a company that allows you to create a one of a kind memory from your favorite place. They actually take the sand from a place you made a memory in, and they encapsulate it in a piece of jewelry of your choice so you can carry that memory with you forever.

Here’s the cool thing – either you can send them some of the sand you collected from that special trip, OR if you didn’t have a chance to collect sand, they most likely already have it in their sand collection!

I went to Dubai last year and spent a lot of time in the desert on the dunes and to this day I have always wished that I would have saved some of the sand from that trip. Thanks to Dune Jewelry, they actually had sand from the area that I was in and I was able to have it put into a beautiful necklace that allows me to wear my memory close to my heart.

dubai dune e1493323752703 Astras Fabulous Finds: Dune Jewelry

Something like this can come in great for any occasion! Maybe you want to hold on to a piece of the place you met the love of your life or got engaged at, or maybe even a place you used to visit while growing up.

The possibilities are endless!

Check their jewelry out for yourself and see if one of your favorite places that you’ve traveled to (including in your own back yard) are in their collection at — plus you can check them out on Instagram: @DuneJewelry! BTW, a portion of all proceeds goes to various coastal preservation organizations.


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