The Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State: Cornfield Chase

How did you find out you were the side piece in your relationship? Or maybe you had a side piece of your own! Either way, you are officially part of a prestigious group called “The Real Side Pieces of the Tri-State”. (Disclaimer: We do NOT condone this behavior.)

Amanda from Blairstown, NJ had just left a one night stand and was cleaning her car at the car wash when she got hit on by a guy and proceeded to give him her number. They “dated” for about a month and he explained to her that he was going through a divorce and it was really hard for him to get through it. One day, a woman started chasing them down the street and into a cornfield. It was his wife!

Amanda definitely learned her lesson, but of course, there’s a twist! Amanda was at her current boyfriend’s house recently, went outside, and a take a guess who his neighbors are?!


–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning

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