The Chainsmokers Celebrate Debut Album Release at 92.3 AMP

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers dropped by the 92.3 AMP Radio StubHub studios this morning to celebrate, live on-air, the release of the duo’s debut album Memories… Do Not Open with the Shoboy Show.

thechainsmokers amp 04072017 0001web2 The Chainsmokers Celebrate Debut Album Release at 92.3 AMP

92.3 AMP Radio’s Shoboy and Nina interview The Chainsmokers in the Stubhub Studio in New York City on April 7, 2017 (Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Digital)

[Photos] The Chainsmokers Talk with Shoboy in the Morning

Last year when Shoboy and The Chainsmokers spoke, the guys were just exploding onto the scene and were reaching out to tons of artists looking to collaborate — but not many of those emails and phone calls were answered. Now, after a run at number 1, an epic GRAMMYs performance and a few big collabs later, the emails are starting to come in.


“It’s actually funny,” says Alex. “When we first started we would reach out to all these cool indie artists that we just liked –you know like cool singers or whatever, really random bands — and like 5% would get back to us… but now they start emailing us all the time. We get like one per week, and it’s like ‘oh, hey, I don’t check this email ever, but like, totally up for the collab now if you guys are still down’ … and you check the date you sent it and it’s like December 12, 2013! And you’re like, ‘get the hell outta here!”

Regarding their most recent collaborative efforts alongside Coldplay and Florida Georgia Line, Andrew admits “it’s been really cool to do our best to find a balance between both of our sounds in both of those songs.

As they prepare to kick off a monster tour, the duo is excited to be playing for fans this time around with a full band — an experience that is brand new but incredibly exciting for them.

“We’re so excited about this,” says Alex. “So, basically, while we were making this album we kind of realized a lot of the songs that we were making aren’t straight dance records, and they deserved more of a performance element. So we said, when we do the next tour, let’s think about putting a band together and do something different — something that still has the power and energy of a DJ set, but also allows us to perform the songs in a more intimate way in some cases.

“And we found these great musicians on YouTube, Tony Ann, Matt McGuire, who are incredible and they were covering our songs — they were the most insane covers — and we had been in touch with them and we were like, ‘ hey would you guys want to come out on tour with us?’ Which is really cool because it kind of show that you just never know when that break is going to come — not that they weren’t already doing well — but you know, these opportunities come out of nowhere so you always have to have an open mind.”

The Chainsmokers have officially dropped their debut album on the world and Alex and Andrew are riding the high throughout the day in NYC with a radio tour and live event which could see you meeting up with the guys at their ‘real-life’ Memories… Do Not Open box.

Finally, during The Chainsmokers Interview The Chainsmokers segment, Andrew was given a simple question to ask Alex: What was his most embarrassing or funny moment? His answer was hilarious. Check out the clip below! 💩 + 👖 = 😲

🔥 🔥 @thechainsmokers debut album #memoriesdonotopen is out now!!! Get it, familia! 🔥 🔥

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–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP Radio

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