Shoboy Show Daily Highlights – March 24, 2017

Happy Friday Familia! What are your plans this weekend? Nina is headed to Baltimore to party with her family, Shoboy has a ‘date’ with another couple he and his wife met while out and about with Baby Ariela, Majestik has friends in town, but the last time they all got together was in Cancun when one guy was bit by a dog and another almost ended up in the hospital! Producer Kristen plans on sleeping…all weekend, but Shoboy and Majestik think this is the weekend her boyfriend ‘Mr. Decade’ will propose! Regardless of your plans, make sure you have the right group of friends with you because you never know what will happen! We break down that group for you here!

If you’re looking for love or even just a random hookup, we got you in the ‘Hookup Hotline’ which is like speed dating, but live on the radio. And if you just want to have an educational weekend, you can be a student in Micho’s ‘Spanglish Juan-O-Juan’ class! Today, we learned the word “Kentucky”!


The Juice with Nina:

Selena& The Weeknd Unfollow Bella Hadid

John Mayer Misses Katy Perry

Kendrick Lamar Taking Shots at Big Sean?

shoboy img podcast1 Shoboy Show Daily Highlights   March 24, 2017

Catch all of Shoboy Show’s daily highlights powered by Podcasts – from ‘The Jealousy Trip’ prank to ‘Hookup Hotline’, which is like speed dating, but live on the radio. Get all of the celebrity gossip in ‘The Juice’ with Nina and sit in class with Micho in ‘Spanglish Juan-O-Juan’.

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