“Fake A Baby” Helps You Trick Your Man… Not Okay! [Video]

Here’s what the Inside Edition description reads under the report: “What is intended to be a gag gift has been used by some woman to convince their boyfriends they are having a child. The website FakeABaby.com has everything one needs to fool someone into thinking they are pregnant, but what has followed in some cases is no laughing matter.”

I get that it’s supposed to be used for pranks, I mean we’ve all seen numerous ‘I’m pregnant’ gag videos on YouTube before, but I kinda feel like this site takes it a step too far. Clearly they have to know their site can (and would) be used by people with ulterior motives, like Danielle. Someone in a last-ditch attempt to salvage a relationship can hit up “Fake A Baby” to try and get their partner to stay with them.

Peep the video below, and let me know your thoughts. Should “Fake A Baby” be held accountable somehow, or no, it’s completely on the person using the service in a malicious, conniving way? Comment below, or tweet me at @MikeAdamOnAir.


Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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