Peking Duk Talks Passion Pit, Formerly Being a Barista and More

Peking Duk – an EDM duo hailing from Canberra, Australia. No, there’s no relation between them and that restaurant Peking Duck House on East 53rd. They do share one thing in common, though… they’re both amazing. Off the rip, I had to ask the guys where the name came from, and they had a very…er…’creative’ explanation.

We touched on a bunch of others things, like previous jobs they held before making music the full-time gig. You may have been served a McDonald’s burger by Adam or Reuben (while they were slightly intoxicated thanks to their store manager)…OR, they may have concocted your latte for you during their barista days.

We also spent time chatting about their big break, which came from a remix they did of the Passion Pit song “Take A Walk”, their favorite place that they’ve traveled to, and what their music-producing-process is like.

But the FUNNIEST part of the interview, hands down, came when I candidly asked the guys, “Have you ever hired a vocalist to be on a song, just so you could sleep with her?” What was their answer!? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out…BUT, I will help you out. That question/answer is around the 11 minute mark!

Peking Duk & Mike Adam (92.3 AMP Radio)

Peking Duk & Mike Adam (92.3 AMP Radio)


Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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