Helena Legend Talks Pentatonix Collab, and Friendship with Ruby Rose

Meet Helena Legend… a British-born Australian (who now calls L.A. home) that produces some soul-vibrating music. And she keeps adding things to her job title – DJ, producer, clothing line owner, and now SINGER!

I asked Helena if she thought that there’s a pressure for DJs in this day and age to also be ‘the artist’ as well. I mean, you have Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and so many other DJs who can now be heard singing on their own songs as well. She said, “I wouldn’t say theres a pressure, but I really feel it cements you as an artist because it’s ultimately your sound coming forward. There’s nothing more ‘your sound’ than your voice on a track.”

I had to bring up her famous friends, Kirstin from Pentatonix (who Helena has a new song with), and Ruby Rose…who you may recognize from John Wick 2. She’s the villainous chick who doesn’t speak…just kicks butt. It was funny, I just saw that movie a few days prior to interviewing Helena. I guess the two of them have known each other a looooong time thanks to their shared love for DJing.

Helena said, “I’ve known Ruby for, yeah, probably close to 10 years. So, when she actually first started DJing, I used to come to her shows with her and used to crouch down behind the decks for like moral support, you know? When she used to get nervous mixing.”


To wrap up the interview, Helena has a song called “RU Feeling It,” so we played a little game. I gathered pick up lines that women have said actually worked on them, and asked Helena if she would allow a guy to buy her a drink if he used one of the lines on her…feelin’ it or NOT feelin’ it…all I’m gonna say is Helena is a TOUGH one to please!

Peep the full interview above…


Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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