Chance The Rapper Thinks Rosario Dawson’s Boyfriend, Eric Andre, Is a Joke

Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered to yourself, “how did he get her!?” You almost don’t believe it’s real. That just happened to Chance The Rapper, who recently saw a picture of his friend and beautiful actress, Rosario Dawson, with her new boyfriend.

He’s a comedian named Eric Andre who may or may not be as physically appealing as Rosario, to some people.

Mashable reported that Chance was so surprised by the coupling that he texted her to find out if it was a joke. Her bf, Eric Andre, took to twitter and posted a stream of photos with his girlfriend tagging Chance and using the hashtag #proof.

That’s pretty funny!!! At least Eric has a good sense of humor about it.


Read more HERE.


Nina/Shoboy in the Morning

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