Nicky Jam Wants to Take Care of Vin Diesel & Explains How Making a Video is Romantic

With a number one album on the Latin charts, a co-starring role in a Hollywood Blockbuster film, and life as a newlywed husband, it is understatement to say Nicky Jam has been busy. Despite all that has been going on, the Reggaeton star still found time to stop by the 92.3 AMP Stubhub Studios to hang out with Shoboy and Nina.

Nicky Jam’s rise to stardom did not happen overnight. When reminiscing on tougher times, he explains “I was embarrassment, rock bottom.. nobody wanted to work with me, and normally in the reggaeton movement, you don’t see comebacks like that.”

He also went through rough patches with his own mother during these times, but after being asked by Shoboy how things are currently, Nicky Jam jokingly expressed “We’re doing real good, she was at my wedding.. she didn’t have no teeth in the front. she got teeth now.. she was smiling the whole wedding.”

Action star Vin Diesel has become a great friend to the Nicky, and the Latin star had some kind words when describing his buddy’s humbleness, “I got him a chain.. he’s my boy, I wanna take care of him, but he don’t care about that, that’s how genius he is, that’s how special he is, he don’t care nothing about material stuff.”

Vin Diesel’s daughter even befriended Nicky Jam, which seems to be an uncommon instance. “She didn’t talk to nobody until she talked to me. And she went to me with a piece of paper and a crayon, and she said ‘rainbow.’ So the funny thing is, I draw a rainbow for her.. Vin fell in love with me more after that.”

Shoboy and Nina also helped break down what a ‘sidepiece’ is during the hangout. They even asked Nicky if he has ever been one. After clowning around a bit and asking if his wife was around, he shouts “Of course I’ve been a sideguy, man! Oh my God, I’m a professional!”

Getting into the subject of honeymoons and romance, Nicky was asked about the most romantic thing anyone’s done for him & vice versa, and no one saw this answer coming. “I’m really romantic.. I did a video, and posted it on Youtube, I did like a mini-movie, explaining how much I like her and why did I like her.. then I send her the link, and I’m making money out of it too , cuz its my Youtube Channel.. she was smiling and I’m smiling too!”

The studio was filled with laughter after this reply and during most of this hangout session. We can’t wait to have the charismatic Nicky Jam back at 92.3 AMP Radio!

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–Majestik/Shoboy in the Morning

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