According To Astrologer, Selena Gomez is a Rebound For The Weeknd

Can’t we just let these two enjoy themselves? No? Ok then.

Yesterday we reported that Justin Bieber thinks Selena Gomez is just using The Weeknd to promote her music and today an astrologer says Selena is just a rebound — according to the stars.


Perez Hilton reported that astrologer Terry Nazon believes this relationship is temporary:

“This can definitely be a rebound relationship for The Weeknd after breaking up with Victoria’s Secret model Bella Hadid. Once an Aquarius man is smitten he typically has a hard time letting go emotionally. He will obsess over the woman he loves even though the two of them are broken up and caput. The Weeknd, an Aquarius is very focused on being successful in the competitive music business. So much so, that the out of sight out of mind, Aquarius trait can drive any woman out the door. He can forget important dates. Literally, he can forget to pick up his date when plans have been made. It’s just the way an Aquarius male is. In short, he is focused and with all the opportunities coming his way over the next years, romance might have to wait.”


Crazy right? Regardless if you care about their relationship or not this may have given you a little insight into the mind/heart of an Aquarius.


Read more HERE.


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