Shoboy’s Jealousy Trip: ‘Josh’s ‘Baby Making’ Playlist’

Do you want to make your partner or someone you love jealous just because you want to mess with them? Or maybe you want to find out if they truly do love you and will fight for your love? That’s what we are here for! Welcome to “The Jealousy Trip” where we call your loved one and make them super jealous!

Josh from Astoria wants to send his girlfriend Bree on a jealousy trip because she found something on his phone that she wasn’t supposed to see. Josh has been making a ‘baby making’ playlist called ‘Kitty Crusher’ that he wanted to surprise Bree with. But when she found it, she immediately got upset. She accused Josh of cheating because she’s never seen it before and thought that he was using it with someone else. Josh was not allowed to explain himself so he decided to call us for help. Josh wants Nina to be the “side piece” and call Bree to tell her that the “Kitty Crusher” playlist is being used on her.

“Rachel”, aka Nina, asks Bree why she keeps blowing up Josh’s phone. When Bree claims to be his girlfriend, “Rachel” tells her that she is the actual girlfriend and wants Bree to leave Josh alone. Bree realizes that “Rachel” is the one that he’s using the “Kitty Crusher” playlist with. “Rachel” explains that they made the playlist together and wants Bree to stop texting Josh. Bree is not happy and flips out on “Rachel”, but before it went any further, we had to tell her it was a prank! What did Bree do next?

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