Shoboy’s Baby Update: Shoboy Was Told To ‘Physically Mold’ His Newborn Baby

Shoboy and his wife Janet are expecting their first child and what better way to share their pregnancy then with all of you, the “Shoboy Baby’s” Aunts and Uncles! Follow in their journey of mood swings, cravings, ultrasounds, and the gender reveal.

Shoboy and Janet’s baby is due in exactly a week! Janet can be going into labor at this very moment! The baby has been moving more than ever in Janet’s belly as if she’s pushing herself down. Ariela is ready!

Listeners have been giving Shoboy advice and apparently you can mold your baby’s physical features to the way you want them to look. Is this real? Can you actually change the shape of your baby’s nose by massaging it? This is crazy! One thing Shoboy does know is that he is not allowed to SnapChat during the delivery. Janet will not allow it! And now, we all wait for the arrival of Ariela!


Can you guess when she will be born? Enter your guess here and you can win a Shoboy Prize Pack filled with AMP gear!

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