Spanglish Juan-O-Juan: ‘Texas’

Have you ever thought about becoming bilingual? You can take your vocab to the next level with Micho’s “Spanglish Juan-O-Juan” class. Each week, you’ll learn an English word that has a completely different meaning in Spanglish. Micho will give examples of both meanings so you can study and form your own sentence with the word.

This week’s word is “Texas” as in the state that houses the New York Giants’ most hated competitor, the Dallas Cowboys. But in Spanglish, it is used differently, for example, Micho has some advice for you ladies, “you are losing too many good men in your life all because you get mad when you Texas and we don’t text back right away! It’s actually rude for us to text you while we’re with our side piece. We’ll text you later.”

Try it out and form your own sentence with the word: ‘Texas’

–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning

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