Shoboy’s Jealousy Trip: “I Can Dance Salsa Too!”

Do you want to make your partner or someone you love jealous just because you want to mess with them? Or maybe you want to find out if they truly do love you and will fight for your love? That’s what we are here for! Welcome to “The Jealousy Trip” where we call your loved one and make them super jealous!

Trish from Jersey City has been dating her boyfriend Russ for eight years and lately he’s been acting like he doesn’t care if he loses her. In the beginning of the relationship, he was amazing. He would send her sweet text messages and would go above and beyond with everything. But that slowly started to fade and Trish is questioning everything now. This past weekend, they went to a house party and a guy went up to Trish, started talking to her, and pulled her out to dance some salsa. Trish accepted the invite, but when she looked over at Russ, he was too busy talking to his friends to care what she was doing. Moments like that is what makes Trish think the worse. So she wants to make him jealous to see if he would fight for her. She wants Shoboy to call him as the “salsa dancing guy” from the party and tell Russ that Trish is no longer his.

“Ricardo”, aka Shoboy, reminded Russ that he was the guy from the party and that he had asked a mutual friend if Trish had a boyfriend because it didn’t seem like she did. So now, “Ricardo” wanted to be a gentlemen and call Russ to tell him that he’s stealing Trish away. Russ just laughed because he was convinced that “Ricardo” wasn’t into women, but he doesn’t think “Ricardo” will get very far anyway.

Russ tried his best to hold it together, but he eventually flipped out and finally showed that he cares about Trish. But was she convinced?


–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning

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