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How To Charge Your Phone With a Battery and a Quarter [Video]

This girl just MacGyvered the crap out of her iPhone.

I love that I can say “MacGyvered” now and a new generation will actually understand what I mean by that because of the new MacGyver show that’s on TV. What did you say to your computer screen just now? Oh, no one watches that or even knows it’s on TV? Okay, never mind then; just click on this Urban Dictionary definition of “MacGyvered.”

Now, I’ve never tried this specific method before, but I’ve heard of plenty “life hacks” in the past about charging your phone with a couple of random objects that just simply wasn’t true. Comment below if you’ve tried this one out. Is it legit? Maybe I’ll just go buy a battery and attempt it myself.

Here are a couple of other people trying to help us beat the system and charge our phones, without actually charging our phones. Some of these are just plain absurd. Like, “place the phone on your forehead, upside down, with a quarter on top of it”; okay, maybe I just made that example up, but they are pretty odd. Peep ’em below.


Mike Adam/92.3 AMP Radio

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