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Shoboy’s Jealousy Trip: “I’m a Bad Hombre and She’s a Nasty Woman!”

Do you want to make your partner or someone you love jealous just because you want to mess with them? Or maybe you want to find out if they truly do love you and will fight for your love? That’s what we are here for! Welcome to “The Jealousy Trip” where we call your loved one and make them super jealous!

Jasmine from Newark is sending her boyfriend Tommy on a jealousy trip because he went through her phone without asking, saw something you didn’t like, and now he won’t talk to her. Tommy thinks Jasmine was sexting another guy, but she doesn’t see it that way. They planned on dressing up for Halloween as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but Jasmine doesn’t like the pant suit that comes with Hillary’s wardrobes and decided to go the hotter route. She wasn’t sure it was going to work so she took a selfie and sent it to her co-worker John who, according to Jasmine, is just a friend, kind of like a her work girlfriend, but a guy. With the picture, she asked if he would go to a party with her if she looked that sexy and his response was, “hell yeah!”. This is the message that Tommy saw. Now, Jasmine wants Shoboy to call Tommy and pretend to be John, her co-worker, and tell him that Jasmine is leaving him and going to be with John.

“John”, aka Shoboy, told Tommy that he was the one on the other end of the sext and now, they are going to be together. Surprisingly, Tommy didn’t even fight for Jasmine. He said he wasn’t worried about it and wished “John” good luck with “that”. “John” tried to push his buttons, but Tommy just didn’t care at all. Jasmine was so angry that she interrupted the whole prank to tell Tommy off.

After asking Tommy why he even went through Jasmine’s phone in the first place, he admitted to wanting one of Jasmine’s friend’s number! What did Jasmine do? Listen here!


–Kristen Accardi/Shoboy in the Morning

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