John Legend’s “Love Me Now” a Testament To Embracing Life in the Moment

John Legend‘s new single “Love Me Now” off his upcoming album Darkness and Light drops on Friday, October 7th and he’s very excited to have new music to share with his fans – even if he’s being secretive about the next album’s release date.

“It’s been three years since we put out Love in the Future with “All of Me” and all of those other songs, we toured for a long time, and then I got back in the studio last year and started working on this album,” John told Shoboy and Nina. “And here we are!”

The new single, “Love Me Now”, John says is about “holding the people you love close to you” — because you never know what tomorrow could bring — “so you have to love them now.”

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“You could apply that, obviously, to your family as a new father or about-to-be father,” John told Shoboy, whose wife is expecting, “or as a current father to a robot baby(!),” recalling the animated doll Shoboy has been taking care of in preparation for impending fatherhood.

“It’s not a dark, negative song… it’s about embracing who you love now.”

Chance The Rapper recently held the Magnificent Coloring Day music festival in his home city of Chicago which also featured the likes of Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Skrillex, Young Thug, Tyler, the Creator and — you guessed it — John Legend as surprise guests.

“It was really a great concert,” John remembers. “It was for his hometown of Chicago, a city that I love quite a lot because I’ve been there quite a bit and had so much support from Chicago: Kanye [West] signed me, he’s obviously from Chicago; Common is one of my good friends and collaborators, he’s from Chicago; now Chance is on my album — So I have a strong connection to the city and it was great to perform for 50,000 people in such a great line-up of artists.”

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This leads us into the inclusion of Chance on Legend’s upcoming album.

“We did a song together called ‘Penthouse Floor,'” Legend says of his collaboration with the young Chicagoan. “It’s kind of a soulful, uptempo song. I’ll just wait for people to hear it. I don’t like over-describing songs.”

The creative process is different for every artist. Some get the itch to write new music when boredom strikes, some can only pen their best work when it’s crunch time. Shoboy, for instance, does his best thinking in the restroom.

“I’ve definitely written some lyrics on the toilet, for sure” John exclaimed before Shoboy could even finish the set up. “I don’t know which ones… I don’t want to taint your vision of which song was written there!”

(At this point John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen who was in the room, jokingly called him out for embarrassing her with toilet talk!)

John Legend, keepin’ it trill… We looooove it!

John Legend & wife Chrissy Teigen with the Shoboy Show in the Adorama Live Theater at CBS Radio. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

John Legend & wife Chrissy Teigen with the Shoboy Show in the Adorama Live Theater at CBS Radio. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

[PHOTOS] John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and a Robot Baby In Studio

John Legend’s new single “Love Me Now” is coming Friday, October 7th! Check out John’s Facebook LIVE for a replay of his premiere of “Love Me Now”, broadcast Thursday at 10:30PM.

Watch Shoboy and Nina’s full interview with John Legend above and follow John on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


–Joe Cingrana/92.3 AMP Radio

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