Tove Lo’s Most Literal Meaning of ‘Lady Wood’ Album Title: ‘A Female Hard On’

Tove Lo‘s confidence and unabashed voice make their return when she delivers the follow up to 2014’s Queen of the Clouds with Lady Wood on October 28th. The Swedish electropop star doesn’t adhere to the prudish American views on sex — as noted in her hit singles “Habits (Stay High)” and “Talking Body” — and that view certainly won’t take a backseat on Lady Wood.


“Lady Wood has a lot of different meanings, but the most literal one stands for… a female hard on,” Tove Lo tells 92.3 AMP Radio’s Nina. “It’s kind of also… when you’re telling someone to be brave or show some courage you say ‘grow some balls’ or if someone is being a coward you say ‘don’t be a p****.'”

“It stands also for doing something that might scare you but also excites you at the same time,” she adds.

Singer Tove Lo talks with Nina and meets fans in the Adorama Live Theater at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC. (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

Tove Lo with Nina (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP)

[PHOTOS] Tove Lo In Studio with Nina

Tove Lo will also be taking the visuals for Lady Wood to a more artistic level, starting with the music video for “Cool Girl,” which she recently shot and plans to release in the coming days.

UPDATE: Check out the video for “Cool Girl” below.

“It’s part of a bigger whole,” Tove says about the single and video. “I’ve shot this short film to the first chapter of Lady Wood; the album is divided into two chapters which is Fairy Dust and Fire Fade.”

We’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for those in the coming weeks.

–92.3 AMP Radio

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