9 Hip-Hop Artists Who Won’t be Voting for Donald Trump

By Amanda Wicks

When it comes to how artists view Donald Trump, it’s fair to say that there are a number of them who oppose the Republican presidential candidate and his polarizing views. Beyond that list, however, are an increasingly vocal group of hip-hop artists and rappers who aren’t standing idly by. Whether through lyrics, merchandise or direct messages, they have all shared just how much they dislike Trump and what he represents.

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Meek Mill

Before his feud with Drake hit a fever pitch, the rapper had a few choice words for Trump. In April 2015, Meek Mill called him a racist on Twitter. He explained how by calling President Obama an “African American president,” Trump had revealed how he really sees race. The Philadelphia rapper later tweeted a follow-up, explaining that many men Trump’s age shared a similar viewpoint because of the time in which they were raised.

Young Jeezy

In 2011, Young Jeezy released the track “Trump,” in which he compared himself to Trump on a financial level. Even though he may admire the man’s business acumen, that doesn’t mean Young Jeezy thinks he’ll make a strong leader. As early as July 2015, the rapper spoke out against Trump on Twitter. He wrote, We don’t need @DonaldTrump representing us as americans. His hatred in his most recent statements shows he’s not a legitimate candidate.”

Metro Boomin’

In March 2016, Metro Boomin’ posted a short and sweet photo that packed a powerful message on his Instagram account. The producer shared a picture of a person holding a sign reading ‘Metro Boomin’ Doesn’t Like Donald Trump’ at a rally in Chicago. Metro captioned the image, “they turnt up in Chicago today.”

they turnt up in Chicago today

A post shared by CEO Metro (@metroboomin) on

Waka Flocka Flame

As early as April 2015, Waka Flocka Flame tweeted a short and sweet message about Trump: “F— Donald Trump.” Not long after, he also used the social media platform to criticize racist comments the candidate made about Mexicans. He combined the two comments in a live freestyle rap he performed in early August 2015 that once again addressed Trump by way of a “f— you” (via BET).

Rick Ross

On Ross’ track “Free Enterprise,” he raps, about how he will “Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman / Now accept these words as they came from Eminem.” If that seems extreme, Ross later explained that he didn’t mean he would literally assassinate Trump (or support anyone who did). He only meant he would lyrically take him down, a verbal freedom apparently only Eminem–as a white rapper–can get away with.


Addressing Trump directly in an Instagram video, T.I. introduced himself by using his real name, Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., before adding, “I say this as non-violently but unapologetically as possible: F— you, and f— what you stand for.” T.I. ended the message by stating how no one who supports him as a rapper will support Trump as a candidate. He wrote in the video’s caption, “I know u got plans for my people that are contrary to OUR BEST INTERESTS. Make no mistake… WE AINT ON THE SAME SIDE.”

Mac Miller

Miller went on The Nightly Show to perform a passionate monologue about how Trump’s values reflected a frightening trend in America. After calling Trump a host of expletives, Miller stated, “The messed up thing is I don’t really know if you’re evil. I think you’re just such an egomaniacal attention-thirsty psychopathic power-hungry delusional waste of skin and bones that you’ll do, say or allow anything if it means you’ll just get one more minute in the limelight.”

Nipsey Hussle and YG

The rappers went one step further than Mac Miller, and set their profanity-laced tirade to music. Releasing a track called “F— Donald Trump,” the pair rap about how the candidate’s racist ways threaten to undermine the diverse fabric that makes up America. “I like white folks, but I don’t like you / All the n—— in the hood wanna fight you,” Nipsey raps in the opening.

Tyler, the Creator

The newest addition to this list, Tyler made a visual statement by adding a new t-shirt to his Golf Wang collection that features Trump sporting a Hitler mustache. Below the image sit the years of Trump’s potential presidency and the phrase “We f-cked up.” It’s not the first time Trump has been equated to the former leader of the Nazi party; Louis C.K. and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto have both stated the same thing in the past.


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