Astra Gets Into Avicii’s Sweet Spot with “Stories”, “Broken Arrows” and More

We had a little Valentine’s Day fun with Avicii (Tim Berg) when he recently stopped by the 92.3 AMP radio studios.

He’s currently promoting his new song “Broken Arrows” which features Zac Brown on vocals. “Broken Arrows” is just one of 12 songs found on his latest album, Stories, which I found out is composed of various different stories that he’s telling. So, I decided to compile my questions on some paper arrows that I had him randomly select. Once he read the question and answered it, he had to rip it up… there’s your “Broken Arrows”! Plus we snacked on some Valentine’s Day chocolate, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like chocolate – right?

The first question out of Avicii’s ‘Sweet Spot’ was from Astra, what would Tim be if he were not a superstar DJ/producer?

His answer was honest, saying he would probably do something similar, “maybe in marketing — something computer related but still creative. I’ve always had an easy time with computers.”

Up next was a question from a listener, who wanted to know where Avicii starts when creating his songs from scratch.

“It’s always different,” says Avicii. “But most commonly I try to come up with what the hook is going to be. And that could be a beat it could be a small melody or a vocal or so many things. But when I have that, I can start working outwards from that.”

Avicii (Tim Berg) (Photo: Kevin Guerrero/92.3 AMP Radio)

Avicii (Tim Berg) (Photo: Kevin Guerrero/92.3 AMP Radio)

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Watch the rest of Astra’s interview with Avicii above!

Besides working on a new album and promoting his new song “Broken Arrows” what else does Avicii have planned for 2016? At the moment he’s focusing on his tour which currently has dates scheduled all over the world, including the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on March 20th.

He’s also hitting Vegas for a string of dates and will be headlining EDC UK this coming July.

Busy, busy guy. We’re not complaining.


Astra/92.3 AMP Radio

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