Five Reasons Kanye West Should Run for President Now, Bro!

By Erik Parker

To everyone’s surprise, Kanye West‘s MTV VMA Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech turned into an announcement for his presidential bid for the year 2020. He made his presidential aspirations clear after an epic diatribe about art, authenticity and rolling up “a little something” to knock “the edge off.”

Despite West’s 2020 vision, Donald Trump—currently a frontrunner to lead the free world!—has already paved a pathway for West. Why not take it for this election, bro? Like Trump, Kanye is a brash, opinionated, name-recognized media-hater from outside the Beltway. And also like Trump, he has no real chance of becoming president. Or does he?

If Donald Trump can seek the highest office in the land, then why not West? Whether he runs as a Republican or Democrat (or Independent, hi again, Mr. Trump), here are five reasons why Mr. West should should run—NOW!


kanye gaffe Five Reasons Kanye West Should Run for President Now, Bro!

#5. West wins the #gaffornogaffe vote. 

As demonstrated by Trump’s controversial statements on immigrants, remarks to Univision reporters and more, poll-takers love a candidate who says whatever enters his/her mind—as long as it is said with passion and conviction. Similarly, cable news producers love deep-thinker roundtables with credentialed reporters applying years of analysis to explaining all the grand and wayward pronouncements. For Kanye, that list includes Taylor Swift (“Imma let you finish…”), race relations (“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”) and now Justin Timberlake‘s emotional loss for Album of the Year (“I saw that man in tears”).

Hillary Clinton would kill for Kanye West styled gaffe-proof vest.


listen to the kids bro Five Reasons Kanye West Should Run for President Now, Bro!

#4. His campaign slogan(s) are ill, Bro. (Ranked in order of ill-ness)

10. Ben Carson: Heal. Inspire. Revive.

9. Marco Rubio: A New American Century

8. Bernie Sanders: A Political Revolution is Coming

7. Rand Paul: Defeat The Washington Machine. Unleash The American Dream.

6. Hillary Clinton: Everyday Americans Need a Champion. I Want to be That Champion.

5. Carly Fiorina: New Possibilities. Real Leadership.

4. Mike Huckabee: From Hope To Higher Ground

3. Donald Trump: Make America Great Again!

2. Ted Cruz: Reigniting the Promise of America

1. Kanye West:  I’m not no politician, bro! OR Listen to the kids, bro! OR I will die for the art!  WINNER.


See the top 3 reasons why Kanye should run for President now on


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